13 Mar 2020

Milestones Early Learning Young Children Scrub Up Their Hygiene Skills

With the current focus on hygiene practices across the community, children at Milestones Early Learning Young wanted to learn more about germs. They did so.... in an ice-y fun way! 

"As real germs are hard to see, our creative educators developed some more visible germs to help children understand that little nasties can hide anywhere, and the importance of washing hands” explained Centre Manager, Hayley Coddington.

"Children washed the frozen germ-filled hands with spray bottles until the ‘germ marks’ all washed away and just the clean, germ-free hands were left.” 


Personal hygiene is an important life skill taught in our Healthy Bodies program across all Lifelong Learning Centres. 

"Teaching children of all ages to wash their hands, cover their mouth when sneezing and using tissues, are all important life-long skills to maintain a healthy body and community,” explains Early Childhood Educator, Ellie-Mae Pettit.

Healthy Bodies is just one program in our Healthy Children approach, which provides a holistic early learning experience for all children, building core skills in life readiness. All Lifelong Learning Centres are committed to high quality, holistic educational experiences that promote the natural love of learning in children.

For more information on our Healthy Children program, visit our program page. For information on our hygiene practices in-centre, contact our Family Support Team on 1800 CHILD CARE.

14 May 2020

Supporting families in response to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Updated 14 May 2020: Across Australia, our child care centres remain open as we continue to support working families. 
3 Apr 2020

Free childcare activities now available for Australian families

Lifelong Learning at Home - a national online early education resource hub - is now available to support families currently self-isolating with their children. 

Created early childhood education experts and early childhood teachers from around Australia, Lifelong Learning at Home incorporates daily and weekly programs, downloadable resources, videos, activities, and information for families. 
2 Apr 2020

Australian Government provides relief to families enrolled in child care

The Australian Government has announced a new Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package which will ensure children can remain enrolled in child care.